If you had to take a second look at the graph, we understand. At first glance, the downward trend of the graph and the subject of this article might strike you as confusing. Here’s the point, the downward trend shows declining prices – and if you’re ‘in the market’ to begin a building program, this is a good time to jump off the fence!

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Kurt Williams, NACDB CCC, LEED AP, is a Design/Build veteran at T&W Church Solutions with over 30 years in the industry, 25 of those years guiding over 100 churches through the various stages of Planning, Designing and Building their new facilities. T&W Church Solutions is a Design/Build firm who partners with ministry-focused architects to serve the churches of Central Indiana as well as the only NACDB (National Association of Church Design Builders) Certified Firm in Central Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio. You can reach Kurt at kwilliams@twcorp.net or 317.244.7637.